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Thank you for your interest in Clash! (formerly Battle Bash)


This page is meant to give you some information on the game and how it plays.  Please enjoy the how to play video and the full playthrough video that we have provided.

Clash! has been designed to be extremely modular and expandable, with a lot of interesting choices for players to make.  It is a small box game that is played on coaster style cards and plays in about 30-40 minutes.

Game Overview:
Clash is a fast, and chaotic semi-cooperative monster fighting game that presents players with many interesting choices.  The game contains a unique gameplay experience where players choose a creature under their control, and send it into a battle with a central monster or Titan. However that creature not only affects the Titan, it also affects other players and that player themselves.  A core concept of this small box game is expandability through multiple stand alone sets that add variety to the game and would be able to be mixed and matched.

Download the Clash Rule Book

16 Starting Golem Cards (4 sets, one for each player)
3 Titan Cards
1 Boss Titan Card
12 Equipment Tiles
5 Poison Status Markers
5 Frost Status Markers
20 Focus Tokens per player color, (80 total)
5 First Round Titan Health Tokens
7 Second Round Titan Health Tokens
9 Final Round Titan Health Tokens
4 Summoner Player Aid Cards

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