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Thank you for your interest in SeaDogs.


This page is meant to give you some information on the game and how it plays.


More information about the game:

SeaDogs is a fast paced, pirate themed, cargo delivery game, with bluffing mechanisms for 3-6 players.   Players move onto spaces and do the action of that space each turn, and may attack each other to steal cards from other players hands.  Your average 5 player game with new players lasts 35-45 minutes.

Download the SeaDogs Rule Book (Revised version coming soon.)

44 Cargo cards ( Black backs )
12 Treasure Cards ( Blue Backs )
9 Action Cards ( Gray Backs )
13 Captain Cards ( Green Backs )
18 Gunpowder tokens (Orange Cannon tokens)
73 Gold Coin tokens
4 Temple Demand Tokens
10 Temple Blessing Cubes
6 Ship tokens
6 Player aids
7 Island Spaces
2 Attack dice

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