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Assemble a team of criminals to rob the town, swindle your opponents, and commit daring heists, in this fast and strategic, card game!

You Dirty Rat is a competitive card game for two to four players, that plays in 20-45 minutes. Each player takes on the role of a Crime Lord assembling a team of criminal Specialists to help them pull some serious capers.

You Dirty Rat is a card game where players build a team of specialists to pull daring heists! You don’t have to get lucky and draw the right cards from a deck to make a great play, cards are either in play or in your hand ready for your next turn. This gives you complete control over strategy and yet has just the right amount of luck.

How do you play?

You Dirty Rat is a strategy game about stealing as much money you can. Each Player starts the game with a hand of 6 Specialist cards, each with unique abilities. Your objective is to use this team of six Specialists to recruit more criminals, complete Heists, steal from the town and swindle your opponents.

The game ends when the town runs out of money, there are no more Heists left to complete, or if there are no more Specialists available to be recruited.

You Dirty Rat uses a card cooldown system, we call The Hideout. On your turn, you play one or more Specialist cards into the first slot, or Night, of your Hideout. If you already have a Specialist card, or a Team of Specialist cards, in Night 1 they advance to Night 2 and push other cards through your hideout.

When a card is pushed out of the third Night of your Hideout it enters the Refresh Area. Any Cards in your Refresh Area will return to your hand at the end of your turn.

Each Specialist, in addition to having a special ability, has an Archetype used for different things throughout the game. This makes every Specialist is a valuable asset to your criminal enterprise. Instead of playing a single Specialist to Night 1 for its ability, you can place several Specialists all at once into Night 1 to complete a Heist.

These cards are called a Heist Team and follow the same cooldown rules as a single card. While Heists can tie up a lot of cards for a while, if you complete enough Heists in the same Heist Chain, you’ll receive a sizable bonus at the end of the game.

When the game ends, you count up the money in your Stash and add any Heist Chain bonuses to your total. The player with the most money wins.

Click here to download the rulebook for You Dirty Rat.
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