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Launching our Kickstarter later today, nervous and hopeful!

Dave here, Jacksmack Games is launching it’s first Kickstarter today and I’m super pumped!  We have done loads of work on the game and it’s a well oiled machine, fast playing and loads of fun.  I am confident that people will love the game, what has me nervous is the process of Kickstarter.

Anyone who has done a little bit of research should have a healthy fear of starting a Kickstarter campaign.  There are several stories about people over-promising and not being able to fulfill their rewards.  Not even attempting to fulfill their rewards.  Delays of months or even years are common as well. Some have even gone into serious debt because of expenses that came up due to their Kickstarter campaign.

We have worked VERY hard and poured over a lot of numbers to do our best to not be a repeat of any of these stories.  I think we will be successful, but we have a lot to learn about going through the process, and learning can sometimes be painful.  However if I can teach others through our process that would be worthwhile.

So here is my plan, I’m going to try to make frequent posts to this blog while the Kickstarter is running all the way through the fulfillment of the orders to customers.  I don’t know how regularly the posts will come, but as often as I feel I have something worth saying.


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