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You Dirty Rat Kickstarter Relaunch Coming Soon!

Howdy folks!  It’s been a few months since our last update, I just wanted to take a moment to update you on where things stand.

We are currently working on the relaunch of our Kickstarter campaign for You Dirty Rat.  We hope to launch it in April.  We have been working on playtesting a lot of cool new add ons for the game and it’s better than ever.

We have gotten the game to the point where it will work with any number of players from 2 to 6, and have added several new and exciting optional cards and other components.  The game is a lean and mean 30-40 minute strategic experience and we know you will like it.

But you won’t have to take our word for it, right now we have a couple review copies going out to some well known video reviewers, they will be doing some video previews for the game and will let you know what they think.

We also have a much larger marketing budget this time around.  We will still need a lot of help from you and everyone you know to reach our goal, but it is totally doable.  We should have a few more updates in the coming weeks before our relaunch, so see you soon!

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